The question has always been how to get Freud off the couch

and to the masses

Thomas A. Harris

About Psych.School.

Psych.School. understands that prevention is better than cure. In the field of mental health, prevention is education and education is prevention - even for those of us who feel well. Psych.School. aims to bring psychological understanding and strategies to the community through face-to-face workshops and talks, online wellbeing programs, and social media connection.

Along with a team of qualified mental health professionals, Psych.School founder and clinical psychologist Dr. Dave Demmer aims to improve mental health wellbeing for all. We are about lessons, not therapy. We believe that the more of us who understand psychological concepts and speak the psychological language – the better all of our mental wellbeing can become.  

Online programs

Psych.School. online programs are designed to support the mental wellbeing of all, and are developed based on valid and reliable psychological science and research.  

At Psych.School.. we do not believe in 'on demand' programs,. We know that change alone is not easy. Therefore, all programs have a specific start date, with weekly class content released each week throughout the program.

Class starts Monday 29 June / FULL

Your choice: Responding mindfully to stress

Your Choice explores how to effectively use mindfulness as a strategy to reduce stress. The program helps you to be more present in your life, deal with painful thoughts and emotions, and move from reacting to stress to responding.

This program is now full and doesn't accept any new enrolments.


4 week program

Coming soon! 

Thrive: Building happiness

Thrive explores key strategies to build more happiness and positive emotion in your life. Thrive helps you to change your perspective towards happiness and to support you to build optimism and hope for the future through practices such as gratitude, self-compassion, and quietening your inner critic.

Coming soon

4 week program

Corporate and school programs

Tailored program for your organisation

Delivered face-to-face or online, Psych.School. can create a tailored program for your team or students to help support their mental wellbeing. 


With the support of Psych.School., you choose the topics, the content, and the feel, and we deliver the finished product.


The Psych.School. Difference

At Psych.School. you are supported by qualified mental health professionals throughout all programs. This allows you to ask questions about the content, gain further insights, and feel motivated and supported while you complete your wellbeing journey. This is unlike any 'on demand' program. This is the Psych.School. difference. 

Every program includes:   


Weekly class videos to watch that teach mental health knowledge and strategies

 With no time limits, you can work at your own pace and revisit all content as needed.



Weekly live Q&A hosted by the facilitators and mental health professionals where they provide further insights into the content and strategies, and where you can ask questions and chat with the program facilitators


Handouts and worksheets to be able to apply the knowledge and strategies to your own life. 

You will also receive a  weekly journal to keep track of your progress and improvements.


Discussion boards where you can post questions and comments to be answered by the facilitators, and connect with our members of the Psych.School. community;

Is Psych.School. right for you?

Psych.School. and its programs are for you if you are wanting to explore psychological strategies to protect and increase your mental wellbeing. They are designed to support mood, but are not designed to treat mental health disorders. These programs do not replace psychological therapy.


If you are experiencing mental health issues then please ensure you seek immediate support from your general practitioner, or contact LifeLine on 13 11 14. If you feel your safety is in immediate danger, then please contact emergency services on 000.

Delivered by experts

Proven strategies

Dr David Demmer is a clinical psychologist with a background and experience in helping clients support their mental wellbeing. He believes in the importance of bringing mental wellbeing support to the community. Each program, he will be joined by other experts in their respective fields. 


Click here to find out more about our experts.

Throughout our programs, you will gain insight into proven strategies to support your mental wellbeing. Our programs are based on scientific research. 


Our goal is to teach psychological practices that will have lasting positive impacts on your mental health.  


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