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Dr David Demmer

Clinical Psychologist

David has a passion for building stronger mental health at a community level. A clinical psychologist whose career has focused on treatment and research in mental health, David is passionate about improving the lives of Australians both inside and outside of his work. 


Bachelor of Psychology (Honours)
Doctorate of Psychology (Clinical)


Jade Nicholls

Mental Health Occupational Therapist

Jade is a passionate mental health Occupational Therapist with experience working across both inpatient and outpatient programs in public and private mental health, working primarily with adults. She is a registered Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy teacher with the Mindfulness Training Institute of Australasia, and is experienced in facilitating a range of psychotherapy groups including Dialectical Behaviour Therapy and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy.


Bachelor of Psychology 
Masters of Occupational Therapy

About Psych. School.

Now, more than ever in our lifetime, we understand that prevention is better than cure. In the field of Mental Health, prevention is education/education is prevention - even for those of us who feel well. Psych.School is about explicit learning for the heart, before it becomes unwell.


Psych.School is part of a proactive mental health movement; championing education in the place of inaction. Psych.School aims to improve community mental health by offering information about psychological practices for maintaining good mental health instead of treating poor mental health.

We are about lessons, not therapy. We believe that the more people who understand psychological concepts and speak the psychological language – the better all of our mental health will become. 

We are a drop in the ocean, but as you and others join our cause, we will become a tide.